Megamaster Built-in Fireplace 750

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Product Information

The roaring fire, the red-yellow pulsing glow of the coals and the heat emanating from it is relaxing and warm, a fireplace doesn't only heat up the room, it creates an atmosphere that is cosy and also quite romantic.

Product Features
  • Includes:
    • Basket grate
    • Ashtray
    • Damper
  • Optional
    • Fire screen
    • Rotating cowl
    • Flue pipe
  • 15 Year limited warranty

Technical Specifications
Colour: Black
Material: Mild Steel
Heating System: Charcoal / Wood
Flue Gather Height: 300mm
Flue Gather Depth: 200mm
Flue Length: 300 x 200mm
Height: 710mm
Width: 750mm
Depth: 430mm

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