Here at Livecopper we believe it's imperative to take care of our customers and staff during the Covid pandemic. Here is how we are doing that: 


Since the beginning of lockdown Livecopper staff who are able have been working from home. Those who are not able to work from home have come into an office that has been frequently sterilized. The correct procedures are always adhered to. Livecopper staff must wear a mask, sanitise, take their temperature, and do a symptom screening before entering the premise. 

Furthermore, all delivery personal and 'walk-in' customers must follow the same procedures. 

How we are looking after our customers

All products coming onto the Livecopper premises are put into a holding area and sanitized before staff can handle them. This procedure is repeated for products leaving the Livecopper premises: Products are put into a holding area and sanitized before being picked up for delivery by our courier partner. 

Delivery Protocol

Prior to delivery our courier partner will again sanitise our outer packaging materials, and on delivery the driver will have sanitized his hands prior to handing over your delivery.

Although all precautions are taken within our control we still recommend that on receipt you wear your mask and after discarding all packaging materials you wash your hands.    

If you, the customer, feel at any time that we are not upholding these procedures or do not feel safe when receiving your delivery please could you communicate this with us. Several of our staff members have lost friends and close acquaintances due to COVID-19. The Corona Virus is not something we take lightly. Stay Safe. 

- The Livecopper Team