Did You Know

4 Cool Things you didn’t know about Livecopper

Why the name Livecopper?

The name should be viewed as two words that make up one meaning, LIVE and COPPER.
Electricity main supply has three wires, LIVE, NEUTRAL and EARTH.

The LIVE wire carries the voltage and delivers the punch into your circuit.

COPPER as a natural element has stood the test of time.

It is widely used in the manufacture of all electrical, lighting, plumbing and related products. 
Electrical is the cornerstone product of Livecopper, making the essence of Livecopper already present in every establishment, including your home. 

Go Brick or Click?

www.livecopper.co.za has a dedicated sales team, with one thing in mind: to assist and guide the online shopping customer. We are a web store and don't allow ourselves to get distracted by common brick and mortar store menial tasks. When you shop online with Livecopper you are THE customer. You have our full attention.

Our Technology

We can see you arrive on our www doorstep, we intently watch your mouse pointer browse over our alluring product offering, as you read this your name and phone number pops up on our screen, and round about now we already know where you live.

Our Integrity

The last statement is not true, but we will love to know more about you. Please talk to us on our LIVE CHAT zone bottom right hand side of your screen. How can we help?