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What is SAFEhouse?

SAFEhouse is an association of organisations within the South African electrical industry.  The association has been formed to combat the prevalence of unsafe products and services in South Africa by informing buyers and others that influence buying decisions about the criteria by which to assess these products and services, and by exposing specific cases of sub-standard products and practices. SAFEhouse is not a consumer body, nor is it a forum for consumer complaints. However, SAFEhouse welcomes justified, safety-related complaints from any party, including commerce, industry, government and individuals, about members’ and non-members’ electrical products or services.

Download Guides
The guides that are available to download will feature information on:

  • Surge Protection - Industry requirements & standards
  • Lighting & LED Lighting - Requirements & standards
  • Electric cable - Requirements & standards
  • Miniature circuit breakers - Requirements & standards
  • Regulations

Standards & Regulations
The Occupational Health and Safety Act, (Act No. 85 of 1993 – the OHS Act), which is administered by the Chief Inspector of Occupational Health and Safety of the Department of Labour, requires that all electrical installations comply with the requirements of SANS 10142-1.

It also requires that an accredited person, as defined (master installation electrician, installation electrician or electrical tester for single –phase installations), will issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for an electrical installation and that the certificate should be in the form as published in SANS 10142 (see a specimen of this certificate in this section).

Inspection of the installation must take place to confirm that equipment has been selected and installed in accordance with SANS 10142 (SABS 0142) and that equipment it is not so damaged as to impair safety.

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