Major Tech Digital Storage Oscilloscope 25MHz

sku: MT2125
Product Description

Major Tech Digital Storage Oscilloscope 25MHz.

Dispatched in 48 hours - Subject to stock availability from our supplier.

Brand:Major Tech

  • For use in: 
    • Electronic circuit debugging
    • Circuit testing
    • Design and manufacture
    • Education training
    • Automobile maintenance testing
    • Bandwidth: 25MHz
    • Sample rate (real time) - Up to 250MS/s
    • Dual channel, 10K points on each channel for the Record length
    • Autoscale function
    • 8in high definition TFT display (800 x 600 pixels)
    • Built-in FFT function
    • Pass/Fail function, optically isolated Pass/Fail output
    • Waveform record and playback
    • Various triggering functions
    • USB, LAN communication ports
    • Built in English help system
    • Multiple language support
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