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Rapid advances in Camera / CCTV technology have left the supporting physical infrastructure like enclosures in what seems like the dark ages. Most installers must grapple with general purpose electrical boxes in an attempt to create a mounting / connection setup that is respectable. Allbro has solved this problem with the launch of the very first camera enclosure of its kind. Designed and made in South Africa the Camera-Den (Patent Pending) addresses the unique challenges of this application in a manner that has never been done before.

Once one lays eyes upon Allbro€™s new €œCamera Den€� it becomes difficult to even call the new invention a camera box. The first major difference is the way that the installer works with the €œbox€� A small mounting bracket is easily installed with two screws.

The camera is mounted to the €œCamera Den€� and then the entire assembly is mounted to the bracket with one screw. The open connection housing on the side is now available for cabling and also for testing with the camera in place. This has many advantages but the primary one is that a test harness can be used to align the camera as the leads remain accessible. Camera Den is NOT made from plastic. GRP is a material that Allbro has been using for 40 years. The resin based fiberglass material lasts for decades in direct exposure and will last for multiple generations of cameras. The IP level of the enclosure is IP66 which means that it will keep dust and water out. The way that the unit is mounted means that this IP level is not compromised when mounting the screws. Allbro believes that the concept is a breakthrough idea that will forever change the way cameras are installed.

Product Features
  • Mounts most camera types with a foot size diameter of up to 90mm
  • Waterproof with rubber seal across the lid and DVR / NVR cable access point
  • UV protection of up to 25 years
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Excludes 2 x 6mm screws / wall plugs
  • Excludes camera

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Technical Specifications
Colour: Light grey
Material: GRP (resin based fiberglass) and rubber
Height: 150mm
Width: 140mm
Depth: 45mm
IP Rating: IP66

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