CBi Dual Mount Earth Leakage 3 Pole + N 3kA - QA36AW

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Amperage: 6A
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Product Features
  • QA3AW
  • Three Phase witH Overload Protection
  • Dual Mount design fits both DIN and Samite Rail DB Boards
  • Energy limiting capability on both switch and circuit breaker versions
  • Switch version fitted with short circuit protection for additional safety
  • Top busbar design enables easier installation
  • Hydraulic Magnetic technology results in accurate temperature independent tripping
  • VC 8035

Technical Specifications
Poles: 3 + N
Voltage: 415V AC
Amperage: Available options between 6 - 63A
kA rating: 3kA
mA rating: 30mA
MCB width: 78mm
Mounting: Dual mount

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