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Product Information

Non-curing silicone compound used for electrical sealing, lubricating and insulating.

Waterproofs electrical connections and components and improves electrical performance in adverse conditions.

Product Features
    • NSF. H1 - This product is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact for use in official establishments operating under the Federal Meat & Poultry Products Inspection Program
    • EPP - Environmentally Preferred Product
    • For use in Mining, Industrial & Electrical areas
    • Flammable
    Recommended for use on the following
    Electrical panels Outdoor lighting Scoreboards
    Traffic lights High voltage poles Transformers
    Disconnects Switching mechanisms Electrical contacts
    Spark plugs Battery terminals Fasteners
    O-rings Rubber Plastic parts

    Technical Specifications
    Colour: Green
    Appearance: Translucent to opaque gel paste
    Base type: Silicone
    Flash point: < -6.66°C
    Flammability class - CPSC: Extremely flammable
    Specific gravity: 0.646
    Plastic safe: Safe on most plastics
    Film type: Non-curing silicon paste
    Evaporation rate: Fast
    Dielectric strength: 500V
    Working temperature: -56 to 204.4°C
    Propellant Hydrocarbon
    NLGI Grade: 2
    NSF Category code: H1
    NSF Number: 130627
    Aerosol flammability level III
    Removal: Remove with petroleum distillates
    Height: 196mm
    Width: 66mm
    Depth: 66mm
    Net fill: 283g
    Technical document: Download

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