Smoke Detector with Photoelectric Sensor

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Product Information

Product Features
  • Photoelectric detector
  • Battery operated
  • 9V/DC Battery Included
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Alarm Sound 85db
  • Easy to install with a ceiling mount bracket included
  • Install in every room and beside every electric facility
  • Install the smoke detector in the middle of the ceiling because the smog, heat and flashes are always through the roof of the rooms
  • If you can not install them in the middle of the ceiling, install them at least 10cm from the wall. If you install them on the wall they should be between 10 - 30cm away from under the ceiling
  • If the length of the space where you are installing is more than 9m, you would need to install more than one unit

Technical Specifications
    Colour: White
    Material: Plastic
    Voltage: 9V/DC Battery
    Depth: 49mm
    Diameter: 123mm
    IP Rating: IP20

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