Franke Zip G4 Hydrotap - Boiling / Chilled / Sparkling / Filtered

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BRAND: Franke

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Zip HydroTap® G4 BCS‚ Instant Filtered Boiling, Chilled AND‚ Instant Sparkling Water on tap!!!

Product Features
  • Superior Zip G4 thermal insulation now significantly reduces standard heat loss
  • Power-Pulse technology maintains boiling water to within 0.2°C of settemperature
  • Boiling temperature can be pre-set: from 100°C down to 68°C
  • Sleeps or‚ powers-off‚ after two hours of non-use, to minimize daily power consumption
  • Automatically sleeps when the kitchen goes dark, for added power savings overnight
  • Inbuilt 24/7 automatic timer turns power on and off over weekends orweekday periods
  • Power-PulseTM technology. New energy-saving technology applies full power to heat boiling water only during periods of heavy use
  • Cuts back to micro-pulse power during light usage periods or when unused. Also maintains boiling water temperature more precisely than ever achievablebefore
  • Choice of fingertip control for fast cup filling (lever down) orhands-free pot filling (lever up)
  • Can be set to finger-thumb operation to access boilingwater, eliminating risk of accidental use
  • Can also be set to boiling water‚ isolation mode‚ for total safety when kitchen is unattended
  • Reduces accumulation of mineral scale in boiling water appliances, but does not remove fluoride
  • Free-Flow bottle filling: for continuing supply of filtered water
  • The G4 is now even more energy efficient. Unlike water-cooled systems, theZip HydroTap doesn't waste water
  • Ideal for any home, office or boardroom. Boil it, Chill it, Fizz it, Blanch it, Rinse it, ZIP IT!
  • Does Not Include Gas Cartridge for Sparkling Water.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Optional extras:
  • Zip CO2 Gas Cartridge (2 per pack) - 2330332
  • Booster Upgrade (40 Cups/hour) 91412 - 2610039
  • Font & drainer tray - 2330200

Technical Specifications
  • Max boiling cups at any one time: 8 - 10 Cups
  • Max chilled cups at any one time: 8 Cups
  • Max sparkling cups at any one time: 8 Cups
  • Element rating: 1.7kW
  • Phase Voltage: Single 230V
  • Height: 333mm
  • Width: 280mm
  • Depth: 455mm

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