GlueDevil Auto Silicone 280ml

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Product Information

This stuff is a "Fast and Furious" black silicone sealant that is excellent for use inside, outside and underneath the car.

Product Features
  • Glue Devil Car Silicone Sealant is a waterproof and weatherproof black sealant which is excellent for use inside, outside and underneath the car
  • It provides a permanently flexible silicone rubber seal which won't shrink or crack and can withstand temperatures from -55°C to 180°C
  • Ideal for making instant gaskets, sealing windscreens, lamps, leaking windows, joints and water hoses, and for curing noise and vibration problems
  • Adheres to glass, fiberglass, ceramics, wood, canvas, rubber, painted or varnished surfaces and most plastics and metals
  • Do not use on lead, copper, zinc, galvanized iron and tin
  • Not suitable for alkaline surfaces such as cement, asbestos, plaster and bricks
  • Not suitable for use behind mirrors
  • Silicone is not paintable

Technical Specifications
Colour: Black
Material: Silicone
Viscosity: Thick
Fixture Time: Dry to touch in 1 hour | 24 hours till fully cured
Maximum temperature: 180°C
Minimum temperature: -55°C
Volume: 280ml
Height: 240mm
Diameter: 47mm

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