Major Tech Alkaline Button Battery

sku: AG1-BP10
Product Description

Major Tech's Alkaline Button Battery (10 Piece Blister Pack).

Dispatched in 48 hours - Subject to stock availability from our supplier.

Brand:Major Tech Day and Night switches

  • 10 Button battery blister pack
  • Light and comfortable
  • Digital hearing aid compatible
  • Reliable, steady power output
  • Easy to use
  • Leading edge technology
  • AG1-BP10: AG1, 1.5V, Ø 6.8mm x 2.1mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG2-BP10: AG2, 1.5V, Ø 7.85mm x 2.6mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG3-BP10: AG3, 1.5V, Ø 7.85mm x 3.6mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG4-BP10: AG4, 1.5V, Ø 6.8mm x 2.6mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG5-BP10: AG5, 1.5V, Ø 7.85mm x 5.4mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG6-BP10: AG6, 1.5V, Ø 9.5mm x 2.1mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG7-BP10: AG7, 1.5V, Ø 9.5mm x 2.6mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG8-BP10: AG8, 1.5V, Ø 11.6mm x 2.05mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG9-BP10: AG9, 1.5V, Ø 9.5mm x 3.6mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG10-BP10: AG10, 1.5V, Ø 11.6mm x 3.05mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG11-BP10: AG11, 1.5V, Ø 7.85mm x 2.15mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG12-BP10: AG12, 1.5V, Ø 11.6mm x 4.2mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
  • AG13-BP10: AG13, 1.5V, Ø 11.6mm x 5.4mm (H) (10 pce Blister)
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