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The FFCB100 is a fuse finder system that consists of a Transmitter, which plugs into a socket outlet on the circuit you wish to be isolated and a Receiver Scanner.

The Transmitter sends pulse signals along a cable to the distribution board, the operator simply runs the Receiver Scanner along the fuses or circuit breakers, and the scanner will automatically identify the correct breaker by means of a green LED and a continuous tone.

The advanced microprocessor technology used makes the FFCB100 the automatic choice for Electricians , Electrical Engineers and Maintenance personnel who need to be absolutely certain which fuse or circuit breaker supplies a circuit.

Product Features
  • Automatic scanning technology
  • Identifies circuit breakers
  • Fuse finder
  • Microprocessor is self calibrating

Technical Specifications
Colour: Orange
Material: Plastic
Display: LCD with Bargraph
Power source: 1 x 6F22
Safety specifications: EN 61010-1
Low battery indication: Flashing
Circuit Breaker/fuse finder: FFCB100
MCB/Fuse finding: Find MCB or fuse on dead circuit
Transmitter functions: Connect to mains automatically starts
Receiver functions: Three function, On/Reset/Off
Beeper: Steady beep-testing red LED, continuous beep-strong signal Green LED
Tracing Depth: Depends on medium and application
Cable Locator Mode: 0 - 2m (single-pole application)
Voltage detection: 0 - 0.4m
Enclosure: Molded casing
Current rate: < 20mA
Voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz
Height: 30mm / 40mm
Width: 75mm / 50mm
Length: 110mm / 210mm
Weight: 320g

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