Major Tech Flexiclamp for K6305 / K6315 Series 3000A

Major TechSKU: K8129-01

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Product Information

Product Features
  • Rated current: 300A / 1000A / 3000A AC
  • Output voltage: 300A : AC500m/300A (1.67mV/A) AC50mV/5A; 1000A: AC500mV/1000A (0.5V/A); 3000A: AC500mV/3000A (0.167mV/A)
  • Phase shift: within ±1.0° (45~65Hz)
  • Output impedance: Approx. 100?
  • For 1 channel /: 150
  • Dimensions: 111mm x 61mm x 43mm / Approx 410g
  • Lifetime warranty

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