Major Tech Plant Engineers Tool Kit.

SKU: TKC4-1256

Brand: Major Tech


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Product Features
  • Supplied in TKC4 Carrying Case
AS0306 150mm Shifting Spanner
ETLP0104 130mm Precision Long Nose Pliers
ETSC0104 115mm Precision Diagonal Cutter
STS0304 Tweezer Set
KTE0206 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
EP0106 160mm Combination Pliers
DP0106 160mm Diagonal Cutting Pliers
T540-3R03PBP 9 LED Aluminium Flashlight
UK0306 Utility Knife
VNS1407 Neon Screwdriver Tester
WS220 Adjustable WIre Stripper
TT1 4-in-1 Trimming Tool
KTES0406 Flat Stubby
KTE04P2 Phillips Stubby
HP0335 100g Hammer
SSC1 145mm Straight Scissor
BR1 25mm Brush
HP0335 100g Hammer
SP1006 160mm Heavy Duty Wire Stripper
CS0338 38mm Cable Shear
FF150 150mm Flat File
HV0303 3m Tape Measure
BR1 25mm Brush
KTES0406 6.5mm x 25mm Flat Stubby Screwdriver
KTEP04P2 25mm Phillips Stubby Screwdriver
SL5200 0.9mm Solder Dispenser
PIM1 Inspection Mirror
LP0108 200mm Long Nose Pliers
GJP0310 250mm Groove Joint Pliers
SH175 175mm Spring Hook
SS1 Solder Sucker
KTE2658 8.0 x 150mm Flat Screwdriver

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