Major Tech Step Drills

Major TechSKU: DS125

Size: 4-12mm 5 Hole
R 204
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Product Information

Product Features
  • Drills true, round holes in thin materials such as metal, wood and plastic
  • Made from the finest grade of high speed steel
  • Drills numerous sizes of holes with the one cutter
  • Hole size quickly determined
  • Automatically de-burrs drilled holes
  • Safe and easy to use
Step Drills No. of holes (steps) Hole Size Chuck Size Stop Thickness
DS125 5 4-12mm 10mm 2mm
DS129 9 4-12mm 10mm 1mm
DS187 7 6-18mm 10mm 2mm
DS220 10 4-22mm 10mm 2mm
DS353 13 5-35mm 13mm 2-3mm

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