Wera Red Bull Zyklop Speed Socket Set 1/4''

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Brand: Wera


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Indispensable for all motor sport fans with demands on high quality tools: The Red Bull Racing Zyklop Speed Set made by Wera. Incredibly compact set design with many tools cleverly arranged in a minimum of space. The Wera 8100 SA 6 Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set contains a mixture of 1/4in sockets, extensions, bits and a ratchet. Perfect for a variety of jobs and tasks. Includes the Zyklop Speed probably the fastest ratchet in the world and also combines 5 types of ratchet in a single tool plus screwdriving function. It can even survive a fall unscathed with no need for resetting of tools. The 8100 SA Zyklop Speed Ratchet is suitable for 1/4in square sockets and 1/4in adaptors with square drive and is equipped with a ball lock. Supplied in a surface-preserving, compact and extremely robust Red Bull Racing design textile case; low volume and weight for simplified mobility.

Product Features
  • The outstanding design of the Kraftform handle fits perfectly into the hand, anti-slip zones enable the low-loss transfer of high forces - resulting in less screwdriving effort being required
  • The ratchet head pivots freely and can be locked into any position by using the slide switch that is positioned on either side, possible to work in very confined and difficult-to-access areas with enhanced hand clearance
  • Pre-defined locking at 0°, 15° and 90°, both left and right, ensure safe working without any slipping of the ratchet head
  • All Zyklop Speed ratchets feature a thumbwheel that can be used to quickly and easily switch between clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, at any position
  • Zyklop Speed ratchets are really fast movers with the gyrating mass design means that screwdriving is accelerated
  • The rotation-symmetric structure of the Kraftform handle and the free-turning sleeve reinforce this rapid twisting process, particularly when the ratchet does not engage due to too little resistance in the thread
  • The ball lock holds the sockets and attachments securely, ensuring safe working
  • A changeover into any predefined position is completed by simply pressing the release button
  • The ratchet head has an ergonomic design with finger recesses that offer a perfect contact surface for the hand or fingers to turn the head
  • Zyklop sockets and bit sockets with holding function securely hold the screw on the tool, particularly helpful in difficult to access working spaces
  • The freely spinning sleeve on the Zyklop Speed effectively accelerates the turning of screws and nuts  

Technical Specifications
Colour: Red and blue
Material: Metal and rubber
Zyklop speed ratchet: 1 x 1/4'' 8000
HMA Zyklop sockets: 1 x 5,0mm 1 x 5,5mm
1 x 6mm 1 x 7mm
1 x 8mm 1 x 10mm
1 x 11mm 1 x 12mm
1 x 13mm
TZ Phillips Bits: PH1 x 50mm PH2 x 50mm
PH3 x 50mm
TZ Pozidriv Bits: PZ1 x 50mm PZ2 x 50mm
TZ Torx® Bits: TX10 x 50mm TX15 x 50mm
TX20 x 50mm TX25 x 50mm
TX27 x 50mm TX30 x 50mm
Z Hex-Plus Bits: 3mm x 50mm 4mm x 50mm
5mm x 50mm 6mm x 50mm
8794 LA Zyklop Extension With Free-Turning Sleeve: 1 x 1/4in (150mm)
8794 A Zyklop Wobble Extension: 1 x 1/4in (56mm)

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