Bathroom Fixtures to Take Yours From Bleh to Brilliant


Let’s face it: nobody wants to spend time in a bathroom that looks and feels like those ablution facilities you find on a public beach. Our bathrooms, like our bedrooms, are our sanctuaries. We let our guards down and become vulnerable as we scrub and brush and wash away our troubles. You deserve to feel like royalty while in your bathrooms, which is why we’ve written this article. Here are the essential bathroom fixtures we think will take your building’s wet rooms from basically bleh to absolutely brilliant. 

Bathroom taps and mixers

Elevate your bathroom by choosing from an array of sophisticated bathroom taps and mixers that go beyond the ordinary. Touch-free taps bring a dash of technology and hygiene to your space, allowing you to wash up without spreading germs or leaving water spots behind. Self-closing taps are great for conserving water, automatically shutting off after a preset time to prevent wastage. 

For those who cherish a blend of timeless elegance and character, antique taps add a vintage charm that turns your sink into a focal point of historical beauty. Meanwhile, black taps and mixers stand out for their bold, modern look, offering a striking contrast that can complement any contemporary bathroom design while hiding water spots and fingerprints more effectively. 


When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary, the choice of new baths can make all the difference. Free-standing baths serve as a stunning centrepiece, offering elegance and a touch of luxury. Their versatility in placement means they can be positioned anywhere in the room, making them a perfect choice for spacious, design-led bathrooms. 

Corner baths are ideal for those working with limited space. They fit snugly into corners, maximising your bathroom's layout while providing a comfortable spot to soak and relax. Spa baths elevate your bathing experience to new heights of relaxation and luxury, with jets that massage your body. 


Upgrading your bathroom basins can dramatically change your bathroom's look and feel. Decorative basins act as a statement piece, instantly adding personality and style with their unique designs and colours. Drop-in vanity basins are all about seamless integration, fitting neatly into countertops to provide a sleek look while offering extra space for your essentials. 

Wall-hung basins are the go-to for saving space and achieving a modern, minimalist vibe; they make cleaning easier and can be adjusted to the perfect height for comfort. Each type offers its own blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, letting you customise your bathroom to fit your needs and preferences succinctly. 


Showers are the invigorating heart of any bathroom, and choosing the right shower fixtures can transform your daily routine. Showers with adjustable rails offer versatility and convenience, allowing you to customise the height and angle of the showerhead to suit your preference and comfort. Hand showers provide added flexibility, making it easy to target specific areas or rinse off quickly. Their detachable design also caters to users of all ages and abilities. 

Glass shower doors not only add a touch of elegance but also create a sense of openness and spaciousness in your bathroom. Unlike curtains, glass doors are easy to clean and maintain, keeping your bathroom looking fresh and bright. They also allow natural light to filter through, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. 

Toilets, urinals and bidets

Let’s talk about toilet fixtures! Wall-hung toilets are a stylish and practical choice, saving space and making floor cleaning easier. Their elevated design creates a sleek, modern look that can make any bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious. Push-button flush plates bring a touch of modern convenience and efficiency. They often feature dual-flush technology, allowing you to choose a lesser or greater volume of water with each flush. 

Urinals offer a hygienic, water-efficient option, particularly in bathrooms used by multiple males. They use significantly less water per flush compared to traditional toilets and are designed for easy, quick use, reducing queues in busy households. Bathroom trigger sprays provide an additional level of cleanliness, allowing for a targeted, powerful rinse. 

Vanities, cabinets and slabs

Vanities and cabinets are the workhorses of bathroom storage, providing ample space to conceal toiletries, cleaning supplies, and personal items, keeping your bathroom clutter-free and organised. Their countertop space allows for easy access to daily essentials and offers a base for sinks and fixtures, marrying utility with design. 

Suspended vanity slabs, on the other hand, offer a sleek, modern alternative to traditional cabinetry. Mounted directly to the wall, they create a floating effect that enhances the sense of space in your bathroom, making it appear larger and more open. This design not only adds a touch of minimalist elegance but also facilitates easier cleaning of the bathroom floor. 

Assisted living fixtures

Assisted living bathroom fixtures create a safe, comfortable bathroom environment for visitors with mobility challenges. Paraplegic toilets have higher seats and include features like wider access and support arms, making it easier for wheelchair users to transfer to and from the toilet. Grab rails are versatile fixtures that can be installed near toilets, in showers, and along walls. They provide crucial support for standing, sitting, and moving around the bathroom. 

Shower seats offer a secure, comfortable place to sit, reducing the risk of slips and falls in wet conditions. They are especially beneficial for individuals who have difficulty standing for extended periods. Shower seats can be fixed or foldable, with the latter allowing for more flexible use of space when not in use. 

Bathroom lights

Bathroom lights play a crucial role in creating an ambiance that's both functional and relaxing. Dimmable bathroom downlights provide the flexibility to adjust lighting levels to suit any mood, whether you're aiming for a bright environment or a softer light. Vanity mirror lights focus illumination, ensuring that tasks like shaving or makeup application are done under optimal conditions. These lights can be installed around or above a mirror. 

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Mirrors with built-in lights combine the benefits of reflective surfaces with integrated lighting, offering a sleek and streamlined solution. These mirrors provide consistent, shadow-free lighting that's perfect for grooming, making the space feel larger and brighter. The built-in lights often use LED technology, which is energy-efficient and emits less heat, adding comfort and sustainability to their appeal. 

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories can significantly enhance both the functionality and comfort of your bathroom. Heated towel rails are a dual-purpose luxury; they keep your towels warm and toasty while helping to reduce humidity and dampness. Extendable mirrors are great for precision tasks like applying makeup, shaving, or skin care routines. They can be pulled closer when needed, providing magnification and clarity that ensure accuracy and ease in grooming tasks. 

Inset waste bins, integrated into the cabinetry or walls, help in maintaining a clean and uncluttered bathroom space. By keeping the trash bin out of sight, they enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom while also saving floor space. This makes for a more organised and visually appealing bathroom environment, contributing to the overall sense of calm and cleanliness.

 Bathroom heaters and hand dryers

Bathroom heaters and hand dryers each play a vital role in enhancing the comfort and efficiency of your bathroom experience. Bathroom heaters provide immediate warmth, making early mornings and chilly days more bearable. They not only contribute to a more comfortable environment but also help to reduce humidity and dampness after showers or baths. 

Bathroom hand dryers offer a modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional hand towels. They are especially useful in bathrooms used by multiple people, as they eliminate the need for shared towels, thus reducing the risk of germ transmission. Additionally, they cut down on waste and the need for constant laundry, making them a convenient and sustainable choice. 

Bathroom extractor fans

Bathroom extractor fans play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable bathroom environment. By efficiently removing moisture and odours, they help to keep the air in your bathroom fresh and clean. This ventilation is essential for preventing the buildup of condensation on walls and mirrors, which can lead to damp issues, mould growth, and damage to paint and fixtures over time. 

Extractor fans also contribute to a more pleasant bathroom experience by quickly eliminating odours, ensuring that the space remains hygienic and odour-free. This is particularly beneficial in bathrooms without windows or with limited natural ventilation. Moreover, by reducing humidity levels, these fans help to create a more comfortable environment, making the bathroom more enjoyable to use after hot showers or baths. 

Geysers and heating

Bathroom geysers are essential for providing hot water, and choosing between gas geysers, heat pumps, and traditional electric geysers can significantly impact energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental footprint. Gas geysers offer rapid water heating and are highly efficient, making them an excellent choice for households with a constant need for hot water. They operate independently of the electricity supply, ensuring that you have access to hot water even during power outages. 

Heat pumps represent a more sustainable alternative, drawing heat from the air or ground to heat water. They are remarkably energy-efficient, using a fraction of the electricity that traditional geysers require. This efficiency translates into significant savings on electricity bills over time. Heat pumps also have a lower environmental impact, producing fewer greenhouse gases than conventional gas or electric geysers.

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