About Us

Sourcing the Lighting, Electrical, Kitchen or Bathroom fixtures for a new building or renovation project takes effort.  

For professionals involved with residential, commercial and hospitality projects, this is a time-consuming but important step to ensure client satisfaction.  

This is why Livecopper exists. 

Through a single touchpoint supported by a team of fixture experts, Livecopper connects the Professional with the leading building fixture manufacturers available in South Africa.

This enables access to over 10k+ building fixtures and expert guidance to help you from concept to final handover, or anywhere in between. 

Livecopper fixture experts' complimentary services include plan reading, layout recommendations and delivery logistics to the site. 

We streamline workflows for Interior Designers, Architects, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Hospitality, and Trade Contractors. 

Livecopper is a highly responsive and friendly team, and easy to deal with according to our Customer Reviews .

We would like to work with your business if you want to buy with confidence and elevate your project outcomes.