Why are Legrand Arteor switches so popular?


Life is too short to struggle with horrible light switches, right? Legrand Arteor have made it their mission to rid the world of boring switches, offering stunning alternatives to the mundane, uninspiring fittings we see in buildings across South Africa and beyond. In this article, we answer the question: why are Legrand Arteor switches so popular? We start by giving you a short history of the Legrand brand, and end by offering up a way that you can effortlessly order Legrand Arteor switches online in South Africa. By the end of this blog, you might just be ready to ‘switch’ to Legrand Arteor! 

A brief history of Legrand

Legrand is a French-based global company that specialises in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its products range from electrical components and wiring devices to home automation products and systems. Their product line includes switches, power outlets, network equipment, and lighting control systems, among other offerings. 



  • 1860s: The origins of Legrand can be traced back to the 1860s in Limoges, France, a hub for the ceramics industry, which plays a key role in the manufacturing of electrical insulators.

  • 1904: The company was officially established as Legrand & Co., fabricating porcelain dishes initially before shifting focus to electrical wiring devices.

  • 1930s to 1950s: Throughout the mid-20th century, Legrand expanded its product line to include a broader range of electrical components, such as switches and sockets.

  • 1960s to 1980s: Legrand continued to diversify its offerings, venturing into different aspects of electrical and digital infrastructures, such as cable management, power distribution, and building automation systems.

  • 1980s to 2000s: Legrand aggressively pursued international growth through numerous acquisitions. Notable acquisitions include Minkels, Ortronics, and Wiremold in the US. 

What makes Legrand a first choice?

Throughout its history, Legrand has shown a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global expansion, helping to cement its position as a leader in the electrical and digital building infrastructure sectors. Legrand is known for offering innovative solutions that enhance both comfort and security in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company is deeply invested in the development of systems that offer increased safety, better energy efficiency, and enhanced ergonomic designs. 

5 reasons Legrand Arteor switches are popular

One only has to look at Legrand switches beside regular light switches to see the stark difference for yourself. But we’ve found five concrete reasons why Legrand Arteor switches are among the most popular switches on planet Earth:

  1. Range of colours

Legrand Arteor switches are designed to complement any interior design aesthetic, offering an extensive palette of colours and finishes. From the classic elegance of matte and glossy finishes to modern metallic tones and textured effects, there is a choice to suit every taste and decor. 


The variety allows homeowners and designers to perfectly match switches with the room’s colour scheme or to make them stand out as a distinctive design element. The adaptability in colour ensures that functionality does not compromise style, making Legrand Arteor switches a favorite for those looking to customise every detail of their space.

  1. Customisable

Flexibility is at the heart of the Legrand Arteor range, with its highly customisable configurations. Whether the need is for simple switching and dimming functions or more complex scenarios involving multimedia controls and home automation, Arteor switches can be tailored to meet any requirement. 



This adaptability makes them ideal for both new buildings and renovations where different functionalities might be needed over time. The ability to mix and match elements within the same switch frame allows for seamless upgrades and integration, ensuring that a home or office can stay up to date with the latest technological advancements without aesthetic compromises.

  1. Over 500 functions

One of the most compelling features of the Legrand Arteor line of switches is its extensive range of functions. This vast selection includes everything from basic switches and sockets to advanced home automation features such as automated blinds, customisable lighting scenes, energy-efficient controls, and security systems. 

Such a wide range ensures that all conceivable needs are covered, allowing users to create a highly personalised and efficient living or working environment. The breadth of functionality appeals to tech-savvy users and those who appreciate having ultimate control over their surroundings, making it a popular choice among modern homeowners and businesses.

  1. Built to last

Durability is a key factor in the popularity of Legrand Arteor switches. Constructed from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, these switches ensure longevity and reliability. The robust build quality means that Arteor switches can handle high traffic and frequent interaction within busy household and commercial environments without losing functionality or aesthetic appeal. 

This resilience makes them a cost-effective choice, as the need for replacements due to wear and tear is significantly reduced, reassuring users that they are investing in a product that is not only stylish but also enduring.

  1. Sleek appearance

The sleek appearance of Legrand Arteor switches appeals to those with a keen eye for design and a preference for modern aesthetics. With a focus on minimalism and contemporary style, these switches feature clean lines and a slim profile, making them unobtrusive yet striking additions to any wall. 

Legrand Arteor all the colours

The design is engineered to blend seamlessly with any wall surface, providing a flush fit that enhances rather than interrupts the visual flow of a room. The sleekness, combined with the range of colours and finishes, ensures that Arteor switches enhance the overall look of a space, satisfying the desire for a modern, streamlined home environment. 

Where to buy Legrand Arteor switches online in South Africa

Looking to level-up your building’s fittings game this year? Livecopper is proud to be a portal where you can buy Legrand Arteor switches online in South Africa. We have a collection of 14 different Legrand Arteor switches available in matt or semi-gloss, and in colours ranging from champagne, dark bronze or graphite - through to magnesium, soft aluminium or even the standard white. Explore a few specific Legrand Arteor switches below:



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