Why you should install a light that hotels use in your home: USB Port Light Fittings

Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel? It always impresses me how it seems that they've thought about everything. From a chocolate on your pillow, your favorite coffee in the kitchen and drinks in the fridge. Another common feature in hotel's is bed side lamp with a USB Port. These wall mounted light fittings typically consist of a small reading light and a USB port. Some of them come with a small shelf that can be useful for stowing away your phone while it is charging.

But I'm not a Hotel why should I get a USB Light Fitting for my Home?

Firstly, you may consider a USB light fitting if you have limited space in your room which makes installing a bedside table difficult. These light fittings are compact because they mount directly on to the wall next to your bed.

Secondly, you may already have a bedside table but find it looks dated and just gathers dust. A USB Port Light Fitting is a great alternative to spruce up your room for a minimal cost. Getting rid or your bedside table will make your room feel more spacious and minimalistic. Your room will go from looking like your grand mother's spare room to looking like a 5 star hotel.

Tell me more about the lights

These USB Port Light Fittings typically have 3 features:

  1. Small LED reading light. This light is great because it is a low wattage, meaning it doesn't consume a lot of power. Secondly because it's small it's perfect for reading while you partner sleeps without disturbing them.
  2. The USB Port: The usb port can be used to plug any power cable that has a USB plug. This could include a phone charger, a power bank or even a small usb operated fan if you felt like it.
  3. A Shelf. Not all units include the small 'phone shelf' but many of them do. This is purely personal preference. If you already have a bedside table you may opt for a USB port light fitting without the 'phone shelf'. However, if you do not have a bedside table, we'd recommend going for the fittings that do include the shelf.

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