Conduit & Accessories

Crabtree 20mm Conduit 4M Length
Conduit 20mm x 4m
Sale priceR 46.00
In stock
Crabtree 25mm Conduit 4M Length
Conduit 25mm x 4m
Sale priceR 62.00
In stock
Crabtree 32mm Conduit 4M Length
Conduit 32mm x 4m
Sale priceR 104.00
In stock
Crabtree 50mm Conduit 4M Length
Conduit 50mm x 4m
Sale priceR 184.00
In stock
Crabtree 20mm Pvc Saddle
Crabtree 25mm Pvc Saddle
Crabtree 32mm Pvc Saddle
Crabtree 50mm Pvc Saddle
Crabtree 20mm 1 Spout Loop In Box
Crabtree 20mm Coupling
Crabtree PVC Coupling - 20mm
Sale priceR 2.00
Sold out
Crabtree 25mm Coupling
Crabtree PVC Coupling - 25mm
Sale priceR 4.00
Sold out
Crabtree 32mm Coupling
Crabtree PVC Coupling - 32mm
Sale priceR 5.00
Sold out
Crabtree 50mm Coupling
Crabtree PVC Coupling - 50mm
Sale priceR 11.00
Sold out
Crabtree 20mm Female Adaptor
Crabtree 20mm Inspection Bend
Crabtree 20mm Inspection Elbow
Crabtree 20mm Inspection Tee
Crabtree 20mm Male Adaptor
Crabtree 25mm Male Adaptor
Crabtree 32mm Male Adaptor
Crabtree 50mm Male Adaptor
Crabtree 85mm Oversize Lid
Crabtree 97mm Oversize Lid
Crabtree 4 Holes 4 Knock Out Loop In Boxes

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