Electrical Automation

Aurora AOne Inline Dimmer 320W
Aurora AOne Inline Relay 16A
Aurora AOne PIR SensorAurora AOne PIR Sensor
Aurora AOne Smart Door / Window Sensor
Aurora AOne Smart Hub
Aurora AOne Smart Hub
R 3,543
In stock
Legrand Arteor Netatmo Starter Kit - WhiteLegrand Arteor Netatmo Starter Kit - White
Smart Energy Intelligent Air Conditioner ContollerSmart Energy Intelligent Air Conditioner Contoller
Sonoff Basic R3 Wireless Smart Switch
Sonoff Basic Wireless Smart Switch
Sonoff DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor
Sonoff Dual Wireless Smart Switch
Sonoff Mini WiFi Smart Switch
Sonoff PIR2 433MHz RF Motion Sensor
Sonoff Pow R2 Wireless Smart Switch
Sonoff RF Bridge 433
Sonoff RF Bridge 433
R 350
In stock
Sonoff RFR3 Control Switch
Sonoff RM433 Remote Controller
Sonoff RM433 Remote Controller Base
Sonoff S26 WiFi Smart Plug
Sonoff Si7021 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Sonoff SV Wireless Switch
Sonoff T0 1 Gang WiFi Smart Switch
Sonoff T0 2 Gang WiFi Smart Switch
Sonoff T0 3 Gang WiFi Smart Switch

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