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We process Visa and Mastercard credit cards, with a variety of fraud protection mechanisms in place to protect you. You can choose from Payfast, Paygate as well as Visa Checkout on our payment options page.

Special Note:  We don't receive or store your personal credit card details during this process. You will be redirected to the respective and secure service provider to complete payment as you complete your purchase.

If you are using your card for the first time to shop online, you will be asked by your bank as a separate security measure from their side, to activate 3D verification on your card. For your convenience we have added the 3D activation links if you are not yet familiar with the process. Choose and click on the bank icon of your choice to be redirected to the authentication page:




i-Pay real time EFT payment is an innovative way of paying via your mobile device or PC. This payment method can be enjoyed by anyone who has an online banking profile.

If this method is selected as your preferred method of payment you will be redirected to the i-Pay payment page where you will be able to choose from the 6 main banks of South Africa including Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank, FNB, Capitec and Investec. 

You will access your bank directly from within this payment option. For added security you will receive a One-Time-Pin (OTP) on your phone that you enter to complete your order safely and securely.  

The beauty of using i-Pay means you no longer have to send us proof of payment or wait for funds to clear before we action your order. We receive immediate notification of your payment with your order number included as reference.

Note: This only for shoppers who already use online banking. 


The advantage of this process is that you will be redirected directly to your bank when checking out without having to log onto your bank first. Funds will immediately reflect on our side, speeding up your order. Most convenient thing about this method of payment is that there is no need to send us proof of payment separately as we receive an instant notification as soon as you have completed the process.

Please Note: Instant EFT is available on Livecopper, but not visible on our Payment options page. Should you wish to use the instant EFT payment option simply select "Credit Card" on our payment options page.

You will then be directed to the Payfast home page where "instant EFT" will be available as one of the options to choose from. We hope to have this visible in the near future.


EFT Payment

This is different to Instant EFT. You will need to log onto your bank and load Livecopper as a payment beneficiary first. Once payment has been completed you will need to send us the proof of payment. When you select this method of payment we do expect that you allow us some time to see that funds reflect in our account first before we start processing your order.

To ensure we promptly link your payment to your order, please forward us your proof of payment with your order number as reference via email to: or fax to email:  086 572 0391




SnapScan is a mobile payment solution that requires you to download and install the Snapscan app from your Apple or Play store only on the first time of payment.

It supports all South African Credit and Debit cards and is a very convenient and safe method to pay for online purchases with Livecopper.

If you choose this option on the checkout page as your prefered method of payment, the Snapscan code that you need to scan will be included in the order confirmation email that we send you immediately after you have completed your order.

Here you will use your Snapscan App on your smartphone, simply scan the QR code provided and enter the total amount of your order. 

We are immediately notified of your payment and you don't have to send us an additional proof of payment. Funds also clear immediately and we will start processing your order at the same time without delay.

A great security feature about Snapscan is that your personal details are stored on your device and never shared with anyone.

SnapScan is completely free to use with no additional charges! It's like swiping a card - only faster, safer and more convenient.  

Cheques Deposits

We accept cheques deposits, but only if prior arrangement is made with management.

When a bank deposit is made using a cheques, a 7 to 10 business day clearance period is expected to ensure funds reflect before we action your order. 

Company Purchase Orders

If you have an existing Trade Account with Livecopper you can select "Purchase Order" as your payment method on the payment options page. To ensure accurate record keeping we suggest you forward us a copy of your purchase order soon after completing your order so that we can allocate your internal order number to your order.

If you wish to apply for a Trade Account and associated benefits click here .