Alva Hi/Low Pressure Gas Geyser 12lt

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Product Features
  • Digital LED temperature display
  • Gas flow regulation control knob
  • Water controlled automatic ignition, i.e. if the hot water tap is turned on, the unit will automatically ignite and deliver hot water from the tap water outlet
  • Auto cut-off protection - (1) Auto cut-off protection will extinguish the gas supply immediately if the water supply is too low (less than 16L /min) or if the unit overheats (water hotter than 85°C), and (2) The unit will shut down the gas supply within 4 minutes when used without a flue
  • Low water pressure start-up function - When water supply pressure is lowered to 0.025Mpa, the water heater cannot be ignited; fit a water pressure pump to boost pressure
  • Anti-freeze protection - When temperature is very low, remove the water discharge valve to discharge accumulated water inside the water pipe; this avoids damage caused by freezing when the water heater is not in use
  • High-pressure protection - Once water pressure is over 0.8Mpa, the water discharge valve will release water and lower the pressure; this happens automatically to avoid damage
  • Water flow regulation control knob - controls the minimum and maximum water flow rate
  • Recommended cylinder size is 9Kg and above
  • Size of each jet is 0.71mm
  • Gas Geyser ONLY
  • 12 Month Warranty

  • Suitable Water Pressure 0.025-0.5 MPa

  • This product requires professional installation by an LPGSASA approved technician. Failure to do so voids the warranty.
  • Before using this appliance please read through the instruction manual & make sure you understand everything.
  • Always operate this product according to its instructions; it is illegal & dangerous to modify any part of this appliance.
  • This product is not intended for use in conjunction with a water tap mixer, & must only be installed to a cold water supply.

Technical Specifications
Colour: White
Material: Aluminium
Water Capacity: 12 Litre
Model Type: Type B - Indoor / Outdoor
Gas Type: LPG
Ignition Type: Pulse
Gas Consumption: 1.78kg/h
Water Flow: 12L/min
Operating Pressure: 2.8kPa
Rated Output (Kw): 24Kw
Power Supply: 2 x D Batteries
Height: 630mm
Width: 350mm
Length: 215mm
Weight: 11.2kg

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