Aurora LED Emergency Bulb with 6 Hour Backup E27 7W 810lm CTC

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The Aurora LED Emergency bulb allows the lights to stay on in the event of an unexpected power cut or load shedding.

How does the lamp know the difference between a light switch activation and a power cut?

  • The internal emergency management IC will detect the voltage of L and N
  • When the voltage of a single line is cut off (light switch activation), there is still neutral voltage so the lamp will not go into emergency mode.

What is the effect of the lamp switching if there is no other load on that switched circuit >

  • The emergency lamp will activate in emergency mode only when the IC cannot detect any voltage in the input cable (power outage), and when a loop is present in the external circuitry (The loop is created by other components on the same electrical circuit within the installation.)
  • In this scenario the resistance between L and N is very small and the IC can detect this

What conditions make the lamp work during a power outage?

  • When the IC cannot detect any voltage from the input cable (power outage)
  • When a loop is present in the external circuitry (This loop is created by other components on the same electrical circuit within the installation). In this scenario the resistance between L and N is very small and the IC can detect this
Product Features
  • Provides automatic background illumination during a power outage
  • 6 hour power storage built into existing A60 lamp profile
  • High 810lm during normal operation
  • First hour lumens = 150lm during emergency operation
  • 2-6 hours lumens>_ 100lm during emergency operation
  • 1.5KV surge protection protects against power surges from within the electrical circuit, including surges from the electricity provider

Technical Specifications
Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Lens Colour: White opal
Lens Material: Plastic
Lamp Base: E27
Lamp Technology: LED, CTC
Lamp Type: LED
Lamp Shape: A19
Lamp Style: Standard
Colour Temperature: 3000K during standard usage / 6000K during power outage
Colour Spectrum: Warm White during standard usage / Cool White during power outage
Wattage: 7W
Lumen Output: 180lm during standard usage / 150lm during power outage
Lumen per watt: -
Colour Rendering Index: 80 Ra
Beam Angle: 150°
Dimmable: No
Lamp Life Hours: 25000hrs
Battery: Lithium 3.7V 1000mA
Battery life: 6hrs
Charge time: 8hrs
Voltage: 240V
Height: 125mm
Diameter: 60mm

Customer Reviews

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Jozua Loots
Works really well, but be aware of certain constraints

Got one of these guys a few years ago, also from livecopper, and can happily report that it is still going strong. Recently got a whole set of B22 and E27 ones and ran into some unexpected behaviour when installed (already suggested that livecopper update the listings to include some of this, not sure if they have.)

The good
+ I really like the colour temperature of their normal operation. I use mostly warm white bulbs for everything, and I'm very picky about the colour (bulbs that report a certain temperature still vary greatly. Don't want something that is too orange or yellow.) These are a good colour.
+ They are also a bit brighter than most of the other 7W LED bulbs that I have.
+ Battery lasts long (haven't done a full load test, but never ran out in any load shedding situation)

The unexpected
+ The bulb is physically longer than your average LED bulb so doesn't fit into some standard fittings (or does fit, but sticks out in some way.)
+ The area that lights up is also only half a sphere (compared to other bulbs where it is close to a full sphere) which means that it doesn't radiate quite as well in one of the locations where I have it installed.
+ Some of the bulbs emit a high pitched whine. Especially when two of these are installed in a fitting together. Not very loud, but noticeable. Also not there on all the ones I have - not sure if it is a bulb thing or a fitting thing.

The not so good
(This is not really bad, just wish I knew this before buying).
+ The little IC that figures out when to switch the backup light on is pretty clever, but if you have any fitting (or switch) where you have two or more bulbs in series, this will not work if the other fitting is filled with a standard LED bulb. It will see this as a power outage and the emergency light will come on when you switch off the light. You either have to leave the other fitting open, or have these emergency bulbs in both. (Yes, it does work if you have them in both fittings.)

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