CBi DIN Rail Surge Protector QFL-1(13)D 1P 275V with Indication - 40kA

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Product Features
  • LED indication of the SPD's condition - while ON, the SPD is functional, if OFF and the mains power is still available, then the SPD is no longer functional and should be replaces
  • Thermal disconnect device (prevents potential thermal runaway problems)
  • One port SPD (no series impedance)
  • Voltage limiting / clamping-type SPD (MOV)
  • Required to be backed up by a QF MCB

Technical Specifications
Colour: White
Material: Copper and polycarbonate
Mounting type: DIN rail mount
Class rating: Class II
Escutcheon: 45mm
Imax: 40kA (8 / 20 ɥs)
Poles: 1
Voltage: 275V
Width: 13mm
IP Rating: IP20

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