CBi Mini Rail Circuit Breaker 1 Pole + Neutral 3kA - QA-N-2(13)

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Rated Current: 30A
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Product Features
  • AC Circuit Breakers
  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • Available in Ratings 1A to 60A breakers to meet your specific needs
  • Trip Indication with mid-trip position
  • Reset immediately after overload
  • Shell design allows for easier installation onto busbar

Safety Features
  • Miniture Circuit Breakers should be installed by a trained professional to prevent any damages or injury caused by incorrect installation

Technical Specifications
Colour: Black
Material: Plastic
Handle Colour: White and Green Neutral Handle
Mounting Type: Mini Rail
Number of Modules: 2
Poles: 1 + Neutral
Curve: 3
Protection Type: Overload and short circuit protection
kA Rating: 3kA
Current: Available ratings range from 1A to 60A
Height: 92.8mm
Width: 26mm
Escutcheon: 57mm
Technical Document: Download

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