CBi Touch Screen Electronic Geyser Time Switch

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Product Features
  • The programmable time switch can be used to automatically control pool pumps, lights, geysers, etc
  • LCD touch-screen
  • Simple setting of time and programs
  • Multiple ON/OFF programs
  • Improved 15 minute segments
  • Graphical display on home screen of 24h program schedule
  • Compact size
  • Dual mount: Mini rail or DIN rail (remove escutcheon adapter)
  • Backup power displays time for 12 hours and keeps time for at least 24 hours. The programmed schedule is always retained
  • Time switch has a by-pass (manual ON/OFF) capability
  • View the technical guide here

Technical Specifications
  • Supply Voltage: 230Vrms 50Hz, 1Ph
  • Maximum Load:
  • Resistive (Geysers, under floor heating, lights): 21A
  • Inductive (Pool pump, air conditioners): 10A
  • Contact Endurance: 25000 (Minimum) Operations
  • Degree of Ingress Protection (LCD Face): IP41 (Not waterproofed)
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C TO + 55°C
  • Single Segment Period: 15 min
  • Maximum Period for all Segments: ±3 min. per month
  • Time Retention (Power Outage) 24h

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris Rist
Short life

Work well when they do work, BUT life expectancy is only two to three years in my experience. For an electronic device this is disappointing!!

Hi Chris, we're sorry this product didn't perform as expected. It's dissapointing that it didn't last very long. Many of our customers have been enjoying the CBI Astute timer which allows you to set schedules and switch on/off your Geyser, Pool Pump etc. from your phone. You can find it here: https://www.livecopper.co.za/collections/cbi-electric/products/cbi-astute-smart-controller

It’s ok

I use 3 of them on my DB board they last about 36 months u have to change them for new ones

Dont buy these

Waste of money very poor quality need programming after each power failure touch screens fail and can't be programmed or they just fail completely make a loud buzzing soubd I have tried over 10 and all the same, absolute rubbish

Hi Bruce, thank you for leaving a review. Your review helps customers make a more informed buying decision. If you'd like a refund please don't hestitate to contact sales@livecopper.co.za and we'll see if you qualify.

johannes rossouw
Je Rossouw

Very good

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