Comap Integrated Heat Pump - 275L

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A sophisticated, energy-saving solution for private homes.

The Comap integrated heat pump is essentially a hot water cylinder (geyser) with a super energy-efficient heat pump (instead of a conventional electric element) as its heating source.

The heat pump is mounted on top of the water tank and heats the water by moving heat from the surrounding air to the water, by means of a compressor and air-to-water heat exchanger.

Product Features
  • Save money - By switching from a conventional geyser to a heat pump, you will save as much as 70% of your total hot water costs, which can account for between 40% and 60% of the entire domestic electricity bill
  • Sleek appearance - With the look of an ultra-modern domestic refrigerator, this high-tech water heater integrates beautifully into the architecture and aesthetics of any home
  • Easy to operate - Operation is simple - the product features a smart control panel, with intuitive on/off push button, and temperature and operating mode controls. Installation is as straightforward as that of an ordinary geyser
  • Quiet - The centrifugal fan assembly and egg carton style sponge noise damping material used, reduces the overall sound level to just +- 45dBa.
    This translates to less than the sound of human speech or even a domestic refrigerator
  • Super efficient - The Comap integrated heat pump features high density 50mm polyurethane insulation to ensure the absolute minimum heat loss possible. And because it uses less than a third of the energy of an ordinary geyser, it qualifies for installation in terms of SANS 10400XA and XA2
  • Long lasting - The Comap hot water pump system is manufactured using the very latest technology and best possible materials. The water tank is made from SUS316L "low carbon" stainless steel, the water tank incorporates two electric impressed current anodes in addition to a magnesium sacrificial anode to ensure corrosion is virtually eliminated, even in the harshest of environments
  • Save electricity - Heat pumps use roughly a third of the electricity to heat the same amount of water as a conventional geyser element

Technical Specifications
Colour: Silver-Grey
Material: Low Carbon Stainless Steel
Rated Tank Capacity: 275L
Rated Heating Capacity: 1.8kW
Heat Pump Power Input: 0.46kW
Rated Outlet Temperature: 55°C
Auxiliary Power Supply: 230VAC / 50Hz / 1 Phase
Auxiliary Capacity (optional extra): 2.00kW
Moisture Resistance: IPX 1
Mounting: Vertical - Floor standing
Maximum Working Pressure: 600kPa
Standing Loss per 24 hours: 1.97 kWh
Refrigerant: R134a
Refrigerant Charge: 1,100g
Discharge Pressure: 2.4 MPa
Suction Pressure: 1.0 MPa
Water Inlet & Outlet Pipe Size: ¾ Inch
Noise Level: 45 dB(a)
Height: 1,900mm
Diameter: 640mm
Weight: 98kg


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