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To be the life of the party you first need to get yourself a proper set of party lights! And by that we mean lights that are functional, attractive and robust enough to last longer than just one wild party. Get your guests talking around your party lights as you explain to them how you craftily put it together by yourself.

The kit requires self-assembly, but it is very simple and almost no tools are required. The unique design of the lamp holder comprises of two parts that as you hand tighten it penetrates the cable so there is no wiring required. Set the distance as you please and enjoy a pleasant party atmosphere all night long. The quality components used will ensure that you get to enjoy your party lights for a very long time.

Product Features
  • The kit includes everything you need: cable, lamp holders, rubber plug and enough LED light bulbs at a spacing of 1m:
    • Sturdy Rubber Plug top x 1
    • Self-seating Lamp holders: B22 60W Rated x 50
    • LED Light Bulbs 12Watt 220-240V 3000K Warm White x 50
    • Illumination Cable that is heat sealed on one end x 50m. Wire to opposite end to the Plug.
    • Not suitable for use in wet weather. Only suitable for use in dry weather or under roof.
    • Can be used with any B22 light bulbs not rated higher than 60 Watts.
    • Tools required: Wire stripper or pliers and a screw driver as to connect the plug.

Technical Specifications
Colour: -
Material: PVC, Polycarbonate and illumination cable
Lamp Base: B22
Lamp: 50 x Bulbs
Colour Temperature: 3000K Warm white
Lumen Output: 860lm
Lumen per watt: 71lm/W
LED's / Meter: 1 LED / m
Current: 16 / 60A
Wattage: 12W
Voltage: 220 - 240V
Length: 50m
IP Rating: IP44

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