Adjustable LUX-level Day Night Sunset Switch

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Product Information

Product Features
  • Connect the Day-Night sensor to any external lights for automatic switching of lights - On at sunset and OFF at sunrise
  • Adjustable LUX level setting allows for control over the sensitivity at which it switches your lights ON or OFF. Helpful when you want to switch your lights ON before it is entirely dark or only when it is dark. 
  • 20 Amp heavy-duty relay allows for multiple lights to be connected to one Day-Night switch.  
  • IP65 Weather rated design is ideal for use outdoor
  • Versatile rear and side cable entry points make for an easy and neat installation 
  • ‘Fail On’ circuitry - meaning when your Day-Night switch stops working your lights will remain ON until manually switched OFF
  • Switching delay function eliminates nuisance switching
  • Loop Terminal Provision
  • Time-Programmable version available on request
  • 1 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications
Colour: White
Material: UV treated polycarbonate
Voltage: 240V
Rated load: Resistive: 20A
Inductive: 3600VA
IP Rating: IP65


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