Power Logic PowerDock MK3

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Product Features
  • Designed for home, office, kitchen, garage or bedroom use
  • Mounted vertically, horizontally or inverted in countertops or cupboards
  • Dual port smart-charging USB 2.0 built into the top cap with spring-loaded protective cover
  • Swiveling cable input
  • Allows for most plug tops to remain plugged in with unit in closed/down position
  • Chrome handle doubles as cable exit for attached plug tops
  • Illuminated locking clip includes "power on" LED indicator
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Consisting of:
  • 2 x SA 3 pin socket
  • 1 x SA 2 pin socket
  • 1 x New SA 3 pin socket
  • 1 x Dual USB 2.0 charging port (smart-charging 2.1A shared)
  • Built-in overload trip switch rated at 15A
  • Swiveling cable input with M3PPG
  • 2m SA to F3PPG input lead

Technical Specifications
Colour: Black and white/silver
Material: -
Amperage: 15A
Voltage: 250V AC @ 50hz
Protrusion height: -
Length: -
Cut-out diameter: 95mm

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