Solent 35" 3 Blade Whirlwind Ceiling Fan - White

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Regulator or Remote: 5 Speed Regulator
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A budget friendly fan that is stylish yet affordable.

Product Features
  • Part of the Solent Simple Collection of ceiling fans
  • Comfort - A ceiling fan creates a sense of quiet enjoyment and ease, making your life a lot more comfortable
  • Cool - Elevate your lifestyle to a cool and fashionable level with a Solent ceiling fan
  • Outdoor use - Ceiling fans can be used on verandas or patios but not be exposed directly to water. Exposure to direct sea air will cause corrosion.
  • Effective cooling - Solent ceiling fans provide highly effective cooling by creating a wind chill which makes you feel cooler by accelerating evaporation of perspiration only your skin. It does not lower the temperature of the room.
  • Mosquito deterrent - The number one mosquito deterrent is a ceiling fan as mosquitoes are weak and cowardly fliers and shy away from wind.
  • On the motor:
    • Maintenance free and silent operating - The Crompton Greaves Superbrand motor ensures noise-free cooling.
    • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly - By choosing a ceiling fan over an air conditioning unit, you're choosing to lead a greener lifestyle and save big on energy costs.
    • Letter of Authority - This motor has been tested and comply with the compulsory safety specifications.
  • On the blades:
    • Precisely balanced - Each blade in the set is the same weight, which ensures that this fan is wobble free.
    • Aluminium - Corrosion resistant and aerodynamically shaped, providing highly effective cooling.
    • Air delivery and fan speed - This varies greatly depending on the number of blades, blade sweep and blade material. Aluminium blades will spin faster than wooden blades.
    • Safety - Take into account that the blades need to be clear of open cupboard doors, not be within reach of bunk beds and not cross over any lighting as it may cause a flickering effect.
  • On the downrod:
    • This fan comes with a standard 230mm downrod, shackle assembly and hanging U-hook
    • Longer downrod - Lengths of 450mm and 900mm are available, custom lengths of up to 6m are also available. Please contact us prior to purchase if you'd prefer one of these options.
    • No wobble or movement when using a long downrod.
    • Minimum height regulation - For safety reasons, fan blades should not be lower than 2,300mm above floor level.
    • Maximum height installation - No restrictions, however fans mounted too high will affect the cooling efficiency.
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Please Enquire To Sales About Lead Times

Technical Specifications
Colour (Motor): Available in black or white
Colour (Blades): White
Material: Aluminium
Motor model: Whirlwind
Number of blades: 3
Blade sweep selection: 900mm - For rooms up to 9sq meters (3m x 3m)
Regulator: Option Available
Remote: Option Available
Speed settings: 4 - 5
Reverse option: No
Light kit option: No
Power input: 60W
Downrod length: 230mm
Diameter: 900mm

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