VETi 16A RSA Dedicated Socket Outlet Module

sku: V202BK
Product Description

VETi 16A RSA Dedicated Socket Outlet Module. V202 is a 3 Pin Dedicated Socket. Available in Black or Blue or Red PVC.

VETi socket modules can be interchanged at any time making it possible to replace or change a socket type by purchasing only one module as opposed to having to buy a completely new product, saving you both time and money.

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Brand:Veti Electrical Range

  • 16A RSA Dedicated Socket
  • 2 Modules wide
  • Fitting Material: Polycarbonate
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • V202BK - Black, left hand diagonal split earth
  • V202BL - Blue, right hand diagonal split earth 
  • V202RD - Red, horizontal split earth
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