VETi 16A Schuko Socket Outlet Module

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The socket module has been tested and approved to the required standard of IEC60884-1, SANS164-0 and SANS164-6. The module has also been issued with an LOA (Letter of Authority) from the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) allowing for the sale of the product in South Africa. The South African Schuko socket is the only Schuko socket variation which is accepted in South Africa as a recognised socket outlet.

The socket module is rated at 16A, 250V and is thus permitted to handle any load drawing a maximum of 16A. The contacts are made from high quality copper to ensure the safest connection by improving conductivity and therefore reducing heat which is caused due to a higher resistance from other accepted materials such as brass.

The plastic casing is made from a mix of high quality plastics including flame retardant polycarbonate to ensure strength, durability and prevention against fires and nylon to allow for flexibility which ensures the module can easily be inserted or removed from the fixing frames. Once the module is inserted in the fixing frame it can only be removed with a small flat screw driver but due to the flexible properties of plastic composite the clipping mechanism can easily be pushed in to allow for removal of the module.

Product Features
  • 16A South African Schuko plug top socket
  • European Schuko plug tops with side earth will not fit into socket module
  • All internal parts are made from high quality copper for best conductance
  • Flexible casing clips to easily remove module from fixing frame
  • The Veti modules use the VCF1 cradle and clip into most trunking systems using Veti skirting covers.
  • Made with a flame retardant polycarbonate for all the non-conductive parts
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacture defects

Safety Features
  • Tested and approved to IEC60884-1, SANS164-0 & SANS164-6
  • Conforms to all required standards

Technical Specifications
Colour: Available in Black or White
Finish: Gloss
Material: Polycarbonate
Number of Sockets: 1
Socket Type: Schuko
Module Width: 2 Modules Wide
Amperage: 16A
Voltage: 220-240V
Width: 45mm
Length: 45mm
Depth: -
Weight: -

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