How to remove rust from kitchen sink with everyday home items

In an ideal world, proper care and maintenance of your sink will help mitigate rust damage. However, we know how it is, life happens. Here are some helpful tips to remove rust from a kitchen sink from Franke South Africa:

Tip #1 – Salt and Lemon Juice

Acid is a great agent to help remove rust from a kitchen sink. Give the sink a good clean with regular dish washing soap and water to make sure there is no grease on the surface. When it’s dry sprinkle some fine salt over the rusty area. Then, apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice to the rusty area.

Let it stand for an hour, and then gently rub the salt and lemon juice off with a cloth. Rinse the affected area well.

Tip #2 – Bicarbonate of Soda

Clean the sink with soap and water to help get rid of any grease. Create a paste by mixing some tap water with bicarbonate of soda in a bowl. Apply the paste to the rusty area and leave for an hour. Rub the area with a sponge or brush and rinse thoroughly.

Tip #3 – Inox Cream

Clean the sink with soap and water. Pour about a tablespoon of Inox Cream onto a soft cloth and gently rub the rusty/water marks in a circular motion.  Rinse well.

You can buy some inox cream here

We hope you manage to get those sinks bright and sparkling once again, but before you rush off, it’s important to know what products can potentially damage your sink. We’ve put a helpful list below of what to avoid!

Never use these cleaning products on your sink:

  • Abrasive cleaners like bleaches containing hypochlorite
  • Silver dip cleaners
  • Strong acids like photo developing liquids or denture cleanser. Wash away immediately with clean water if they come into contact with your sink
  • Steel wool pads