Load Shedding

ACDC Ecoboxx Qube 160 Home Solar Kit
ACDC Ecoboxx Qube 50 Home Solar Kit
ACDC Ecoboxx Qube 90 Home Solar Kit
ACDC My Light Solar Lamp
ACDC Petrol Generator 4-Stroke 4.2kW
ACDC Petrol Generator 4-Stroke 5.5kW
Eurolux 10W Solar Kit + 4 Tubes
Eurolux 52" 3 Blade Ceiling Fan - Dark Wood / Black
Lutec Dragonfly LED Solar Light 1.2WLutec Dragonfly LED Solar Light 1.2W
Lutec Padlight LED Solar Light 2.4WLutec Padlight LED Solar Light 2.4W
Ryobi RG-950 Petrol Generator 2-Stroke 950W
RG-1200 Ryobi Petrol Generator 4-Stroke 1.2kW
RG-2700 Ryobi Petrol Generator 4-Stroke 2.5kW

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